Padmini Ekadashi 07/29/2023

Ekadashi is a great boon for humanity. By fasting on the 11th day of a falling or growing month, you can not only get rid of negative karma, but also ask the Higher Powers for blessings on your plans. Austerities to achieve goals have long been known. People use them quite often. For example. Everyone is watching politics. Remember, when a politician who is justly or unfairly condemned and goes to jail, any appeals have no effect. But when he goes on a hunger strike, in a strange way this person becomes heard and can solve his problems. Why don’t people understand cause and effect relationships? Why don’t they use them?

Ekadashi that falls on July 29, 2023 is called Padmini Ekadashi and is special in that a person observing a fast can receive a blessing for the birth of a son! But this is not the only blessing that can be earned.

What do you need to get such generous bonuses? Take a bath before sunrise. Make a vow to fast (the advanced themselves can do without food and water at all, for the rest it is water/vegetables/fruits/juices). Take a feasible austerity at the vow. That is, what are you giving up on this day and why are you doing it. It is advisable to pray, read mantras. For the advanced, fasting continues until sunrise the next day, at night they stay awake and pray. For everyone else, fasting and preferably meditation/prayer will suffice. If this is an unbearable burden for your physical condition, then choose at least one of the restrictions and this action will bear fruit.

What is strictly prohibited? Meat, fish and other animal products, as well as legumes.

What is possible. Fruits/vegetables, juices between 4 and 9 pm approximately. One-time. Or refuse food altogether, if health permits.

If a person does not claim bonuses from this post, then he can transfer them both to his family and to the Almighty, so that he disposes of them as best as possible.

The main goal of all Ekadashi – this is getting rid of negative karma, purification of thoughts and spiritual growth.

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