This morning, July 25, the Moon moved into the sign of Gemini ♊️ and caused an irresistible desire to communicate with relatives, friends and colleagues. The lightness inherent in Gemini all the time pushes you to move, accomplish various ideas, attend events and saturate the brain with useful information. Try to immerse yourself in creative educational programs to fill your time as much as possible, but at the same time do it for pleasure and for your own benefit.
💫 Gemini tells us that it is necessary not to spread out on everything, but to find things that are really interesting for ourselves. Similarly, with people – those who are not included in the circle of priorities and require only “communication out of courtesy” should be excluded from view until the evening of July 27th.
💫 Watch what you say, what you think; do not take too many cases, take cases with a quick result; a good period for marketing, journalism, commerce and everything that requires communication with other people.

On the evening of July 27, the Moon will be under the influence of Cancer ♋️. The sign provides stable sentimentality and emotionality in everything related to the family. We will try to rethink the attitude of relatives, we will want to feel the care and understanding of our condition.
💫 At the same time, it often happens that the entire ocean of emotions described is raging inside, but outside the person is absolutely calm. It will blow up only when the thin threads of the most important feelings, long-standing grievances, experiences are touched. At such moments, a person will not listen to the arguments of the mind, think about others, on the contrary, he is completely obsessed with himself and his inner world.
💫 The New Moon on July 28 exacerbates the underlying motives of Cancer – there is a high probability of a depressed mood, lack of strength and a desire to do something.
To spend the days relatively comfortably, it is recommended to engage in creativity, physical labor, eat right and not bring relatives to emotions.

On the morning of August 30, after an emotional shake-up under the influence of Cancer, a new stage of testing begins – the Moon in Leo ♌️. The days will be completely devoted to your Self and everything connected with it. The transit is considered ideal for the formation of one’s own personality, the managerial nature of relationships, the fight against complexes, work on reputation, etc. Try to get creative, instead of criticizing others, give them compliments, attend cultural events, expand a useful social circle.

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