On Wednesday, July 20, the Moon moves into the sign of Aries ♈️. New businesses and various initiatives begin to emerge. We warn you, be extremely careful, because there, in Aries, there is already all-expanding Rahu and Mars in their maximum strength. In everyday life, and especially in the kitchen, you need to be extremely careful, there is a risk of injuries, cuts, bruises. Also, leave fast driving for later. Take care of the nerves of loved ones. Still, it is better to make an individual horoscope to see which sphere – relations, work, finances or another – will be affected by such a connection.

You will have to live under the influence of Aries until Friday evening, but then Rahu and Mars will only get closer and increase the pace of interaction. By the way, on August 2, Mars will meet with the Lunar node, and this will be a peak of danger, and maybe even a drive, who will be lucky with the card. Check which house your Aries is in, that’s where there will be very powerful energy, which is better to manage consciously, and not let it run its course. If you still do not have a card, you can contact us to make one. The cost of creating a natal card is 10 dollars. Having your own map, you can follow the transits and orient yourself in which sphere of life and how it will be involved. The answer to any interesting question is also only 1 Alexander Hamilton 😊

In the evening of July 22, a period of calmness begins. Excited emotions gradually subside, making room for simple earthly joys – home comfort and delicious food. Do not take on the work that you do not want, if there is an opportunity to postpone these things. For self-soothing and positive emotions, go shopping or buy an edible menu for the weekend and spend these days in bed watching interesting films.

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