The new week will give us the energy associated with the growth of the Moon. This is a good time for planning and moving forward. Positive changes are expected at work, in relationships, and the stars will help strengthen business ties, exchange information, and long-term planning of the right achievable goals.

On August 1, the Moon will still be in Leo ♌️ for most of the day, but ambitions and ego manifestations gradually subside, changing to the energy of Virgo ♍️ in the evening. She is characterized by calmness and practicality, so she knows how to clearly choose the most advantageous solutions for the family budget, in work moments and in relations with family and friends.
💫 Days under the influence of Virgo will be saturated with information, it will be a little difficult to structure it to the highest degree of satisfaction. Do not be nervous about this and try to create order again and again. Choose the most important direction of your activity and focus mainly on it. August 2 is a favorable day for beginners.

Before dawn on August 4, the Moon starts transiting the sign of Libra ♎️. This means that within a couple of days we will involuntarily find ourselves hostages in indecision, regular wavering and will take a long time to make any decisions. Reactions in this period will be balanced, but the situation with emotions is far from that – they are characterized by fluctuations, ups and downs. To stabilize the mood, it is recommended to communicate with people, attend events, and engage in creativity.

The weekend of August 6-7 will be under the influence of the energy of Scorpio ♏️. It is similar to a strong outburst of emotions, in which absolutely all fears, expectations, crises, grievances, passions, etc. explode. Regardless of the situation and environment, people can splash out such emotions from themselves so that they do not oppress from the inside. As you can guess, this will not lead to anything good.
💫 Recommendation – control yourself, words and actions, exclude intentional evil (numbers, rudeness, aggression, etc.) so as not to provoke conflicts. Sport and physical activity will help to smooth out tension. Listen to your intuition – the Moon’s transit through Scorpio is considered its golden time. There is a huge possibility of strong sexual attraction, especially on August 7, when the energy of Scorpio will be joined by Venus in Cancer – a connection that emphasizes relationships, the desire for love and warmth.

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