So, on Monday morning, we still feel the power of Scorpio ♏️. This means that emotions explode inside and volcanoes erupt, and with a successful (though rather unsuccessful) coincidence of circumstances, everything spills out. Many have to go through tests, communicating with the female sex or managing money. The correctness of the chosen decisions can be judged later, when life will poke its nose precisely at the moments that have already come true. Avoid conflicts!
💫 As you understand, it will be uncomfortable not only in the soul, but also morally. In the absence of vigorous activity, the desire to criticize oneself, reduce self-esteem, and give up everything dear for the sake of punishing oneself for unfulfilled tasks does not leave. At the same time, with the shown activity, confidence in one’s exclusivity and invincibility increases.
💫 For harmony, look for support from psychologists, get acquainted with meditation practices, information about non-traditional treatment techniques, in addition, a consultation with an astrologer will have a positive impact on life.

At lunchtime on August 8, we gain the long-awaited freedom! Sagittarius ♐️ will push you to release maximum energy in order to expand your comfort zone as much as possible: business trips, travel, communication, new practices and impressions.
💫 Sagittarius offers to immediately plunge into the knowledge of the world from all possible sides. If you do not agree to this proposal and stay in your usual “shell”, habitat, he will be offended and punish with constant depression and dissatisfaction from everything that happens around.
💫 It is recommended to direct all your ardor into movement, learning something new, implementing ideas and plans.
💫 The secret of harmony: less criticism, more respect for the personality of the people around. Don’t stop learning and learning new things.

Around noon on August 10, the previously boiling emotions, with all their optimism and joy of life, go into a deep dungeon – Capricorn ♑️ simply will not allow them to manifest, since there are infinitely many things to do. Here is planning, and guidance of households on the right path, cleaning and improving housing, self-development and much more in insanely large-scale goals. We will be angry because various little things distract from the implementation of the listed tasks, without realizing that the main task on August 10-12 is not to lose self-control and not to get relatives (do not touch them at all, like everything related to home spheres).

The week ends with the Moon in Aquarius ♒️. The weekend, saturated with his energy, will be favorable. Many will want to communicate, attend interesting events, show themselves from a somewhat extravagant side. To feel cheerful, it is not recommended to be overloaded with such things. We will share what is within us – generously, with warmth, without expecting reciprocity (like Cancer), and without falling into depression if it is not received. Lightness, uniqueness and brightness – clothes for the weekend in the new week.

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