An individual horoscope for each zodiac sign is painstaking and difficult work, which we are happy to do for you. At the same time, I would like to remind you that there are general characteristics of days, weeks, and any other time period, when the energies of one or another constellation, planet, or aspect have a similar effect on all signs and provide prerequisites for a general description of future days. The week of August 15-21 is considered precisely through the prism of the universal horoscope.

So, the week begins under the energy of the sign of Pisces ♓️. Its main feature is a combination of opposites, contradictions, a quick change of mood, views, thoughts, etc. There is a desire to dissolve in the warmth of loved ones, to give and receive deep feelings, but after just a few minutes these same desires can change to radically opposite ones – move away from it all and stay in harmony with yourself.
💫 Pisces push to get rid of negative emotions that are literally bubbling inside. We recommend restraining them or pouring them out through creativity. An open conflict with other people will turn into a heated battle and a reminder of all the bad things that happened before.
💫 Prepare for mood swings, self-pity, tearfulness. Consider the wishes of other people, as well as their feelings, and try not to overdo it by feeling sorry for yourself.

On the evening of Tuesday, August 16, Aries♈️ will take over our feelings and thoughts. He forces you to concentrate on your ego as much as possible and, knocking down everything around you, rush forward in order to conquer new heights. We will not pay attention to others, we will not tolerate criticism and we will be irritated by everything that we do not like. Because of this, sharp statements, lack of control over emotions and speech are possible.
💫 It is recommended to occupy yourself with business, sports, dancing and cooking. Things and meetings planned on these days are going well in the future. Try to demonstrate the best that you have, but do not wait for approval and do not react to criticism. Remember, you are doing this exclusively for yourself, to improve your self-esteem and mood. Motto: “No to conflicts.” Even the smallest.

Before dawn on August 19, the Moon transits the sign of Taurus♉️. At this time, we enjoy a calm, measured life and its earthly pleasures. Emotions will no longer explode and cause trouble, on the contrary, they will subside significantly and transform into the need to contemplate the beautiful in ordinary everyday life. Yes, do not be surprised by the constant sleepiness, the desire to eat delicious food, especially sweets and desserts. For Taurus, these are the greatest joys, just like shopping.
💫 Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be favorable for cultural events, peaceful family gatherings “on the same wave”, strict shopping according to needs, otherwise the money will go into obscurity without a trace.

If the general characteristics of the coming week turned out to be insufficient, welcome to a personal consultation with an astrologer: you can order a personal horoscope, ask questions about money, health, relationships, moving, etc. Write!

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