Until dawn on August 24, our life flows under the lunar energies of Gemini ♊️. This means that the brain is actively saturated with the problems of development, education, I want to learn new things, spend time actively, communicate with friends and colleagues. There is an opportunity to make favorable deals in the field of commerce, advertising, journalism and marketing.
💫 In order not to drown in all the variety offered by Gemini, you should plan your affairs and meetings. In addition, it will not be superfluous to comprehend everything that you want to say. Otherwise, there will be a banal waste of time on things (conversations) that were not really worth attention and did not play any value.
💫 Everything related to communication will give good results – conquer the areas in which it is a leading position, and life will sparkle with the expected pleasant colors.

At dawn on August 24, we are faced with an emotional overload. It should be noted that it will not take place in the best way, and August 26 will be a difficult and unstable day. The Moon in Cancer ♋️ will force you to withdraw a little into yourself, remember past grievances and show feelings of regret for yourself. I would like relatives to notice this heaviness of the soul and show appropriate care, but how … if they experience similar feelings? In this case, someone (of course, someone who has astrological information) will have to be smarter and more open.
💫 Cleanse your emotions and inner world from negativity, set the right priorities and do not try to make anyone feel guilty. It is good to reflect on things that are pleasant for you and give you peace of mind. Multiply them and take care of them. If you fail to concentrate on the positive aspects, there is a high probability of nervous outbursts and conflict situations.
💫 For stabilization and inner peace, activities related to family and home are recommended, as well as multiplying the good energy of creative work and light sports.

On the evening of August 26, we tune in to praise ourselves. A little ironic, but there is some truth in this. The next two days will have to be spent under the influence of the constellation Leo ♌️ on our inner world. What is its feature? In a sublime sense of pride, a scrupulous attitude towards one’s ego, a desire to be better than others and demonstrate it, in an excessive exaggeration of one’s own value and demands on others, notice this and do not forget to express admiration (with or without – for sugar sugar in self-esteem).
💫 In the days of Leo, be sure to consider the desires of others, but focus on your own progress. Not together with someone, namely independently, in order to eventually receive all the laurels. Work through problematic moments with self-esteem, engage in self-development, search for something that will further emphasize your personality.
💫 It will be great if you manage to plan new goals and go towards them.

✨ We remind you that the horoscope for August 22-28, 2022 is described in general terms. We took lunar energy, which has a huge impact on each of us. To order a personal horoscope for each zodiac sign, draw up a natal chart or ask an astrologer a question, write to us.

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