Panchanga (horoscope for today) 10/02/2023

Since time is considered an abstract manifestation of the divine, understanding time can lead to the acquisition of divine blessings. Therefore, knowledge of Yoga aids in healing from ailments; knowledge of Vara contributes to an extended lifespan; knowledge of Nakshatra helps rid oneself of sins; knowledge of Tithi promotes prosperity in your endeavors; knowledge of Karana ensures success in all undertakings. This is why we provide daily Panchang information.

  1. Yoga Harshana until 07:57. Next is Vajra.
  2. Varana (Vara) Somavara. Monday.
  3. Bharani Nakshatra until 15:53. Next is Krittika.
  4. Tithi Krishna Tritiya until 05:06 (3rd day of the waning moon). Next is Chaturthi.
  5. Karana Vishti until 05:06. Bava until 16:18. Next is Balava.

Today, it is important to control your emotions and live the day with understanding. There should be no new undertakings, except for education, but it should be well thought out beforehand. Under no circumstances should you borrow money or take out loans. You can work with toxins, weapons, fire, and chemicals. ‘Empty hands’ can play a nasty trick on you, so be cautious.

Today is Maha Bharani. Be sure to do something for your ancestors. The ruler of Bharani is Yama, the brother of Saturn. It is he who ferries souls back and forth across the river between life and death. So your offerings and reverence for your ancestors will be very appropriate today.

In the evening, you can get rid of the excess and cut off what is unnecessary.

Have a great day, everyone!

Aoum. Tat. Sat.

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