Panchang (daily horoscope) 07/13/2023

  1. Yoga Shula until 5.23. Next is Ganda.
  2. Varana (Vara) Guruvara. Thursday.
  3. Nakshatra Krittika until 17.22. Next is Rohini.
  4. Tithi Krishna Ekadashi (11th day of the waning moon) until 14.54. Next is Dvadasi.
  5. Karana Balava until 14.54. Next is Kaulava.

Tithi Ekadashi is aimed at cleansing both the mind and the body. Therefore, it is advisable to spend this day in meditation and prayers, and also to refrain from eating. For those who are not able to completely refuse food on this day, you should not eat legumes, meat, fish. This Ekadashi is called Kamika Ekadashi and is able to free one from the curse of the ancestors. The Moon is in Taurus, so it is easier for the mind to adapt to what is happening around.

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