Panchanga (horoscope for today) 09/27/2023

Since time is considered an abstract manifestation of the divine, understanding time can lead to the acquisition of divine blessings. Therefore, knowledge of Yoga aids in healing from ailments; knowledge of Vara contributes to an extended lifespan; knowledge of Nakshatra helps rid oneself of sins; knowledge of Tithi promotes prosperity in your endeavors; knowledge of Karana ensures success in all undertakings. This is why we provide daily Panchang information.

  1. Yoga Dhriti until 05:22. Next is Shula.
  2. Varana (Vara) Budhavara. Wednesday.
  3. Nakshatra Dhanishtha until 04:40. Next is Shatabhisha.
  4. Tithi Shukla Trayodashi until 19:48 (13th day of the waxing Moon). Next is Chaturdashi.
  5. Karana Kaulava until 09:33. Taitila until 19:48. Next is Garaja.

Today is Shivapradosh or Pradosh Vrat. It is a day when Shiva purifies the Earth from all sins. Om Namah Shivaya. From the early morning, there is the Shula yoga, symbolizing the spear, which is the weapon of Shiva. Therefore, it’s worth remembering that on this day, it’s almost impossible to make good agreements because sharp and stubborn words will not yield the desired results. Today is a very good day for relaxation, healing, studying astrology, and observing the cosmos. Ideas may also come today that will be realized in the future and bring a lot of positivity to humanity as a whole. So, let’s dream and engage in free-spirited conversations.

Wishing everyone a great day!

Aoum. Tat. Sat.

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