Panchanga (horoscope for today) 09/22/2023

Since time is considered an abstract manifestation of the divine, understanding time can lead to the acquisition of divine blessings. Therefore, knowledge of Yoga aids in healing from ailments; knowledge of Vara contributes to an extended lifespan; knowledge of Nakshatra helps rid oneself of sins; knowledge of Tithi promotes prosperity in your endeavors; knowledge of Karana ensures success in all undertakings. This is why we provide daily Panchang information.

  1. Yoga Ayushman.
  2. Varana (Vara) Shukravara. Friday.
  3. Nakshatra Jyeshtha until 13:04. Next is Mula.
  4. Tithi Shukla Saptami until 11:05 (7th day of the waxing Moon). Next is Ashtami.
  5. Karana Vanija until 11:05. Next is Vishti.

The first half of the day features a positive, strong, and assertive Panchang. It’s a time to achieve your goals and execute your plans. However, around noon, the Moon will pass through Gandanta, which is the most challenging of the three Gandantas. Keep in mind that some people’s mental states may become unstable during this time. Also, exercise self-control if you are particularly sensitive. After lunch, it’s best to avoid getting into arguments, even if you are right. Be prepared that you may have to make significant changes, so if that’s not in your plans, it’s best not to start. Nevertheless, you can harness the energy of the day for your benefit. It’s a highly positive time to rid yourself of ignorance and begin learning to understand the Universe and live by its laws. If you have any requests or questions related to Jyotish (Vedic astrology), feel free to write in the comments; I’ll be happy to help and guide. Living a simpler and more comfortable life is often easier among the wise. Seek, and you shall find! Additionally, after lunch, it’s a good time for healing and caring for plants.

Wishing everyone a great day!

Aoum. Tat. Sat.

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