Panchanga (horoscope for today) 09/11/2023

  1. Yoga Parigha until 21:41. Next is Shiva.
  2. Varana (Vara) Somavara. Monday.
  3. Nakshatra Pushya until 17:30. Next is Ashlesha.
  4. Tithi Krishna Dvadashi until 21:22 (12th day of the waning moon). Next is Trayodashi.
  5. Karana Taitila until 21:22. Next is Garaja.

Yoga today may feel a bit challenging due to the specific obstacles it creates. However, the Moon is in Cancer, in the most benevolent Pushya Nakshatra, and today is Monday. Therefore, the energies of the day urge us to take care of absolutely all vulnerable layers of the population. Look after children and the elderly. The Tithis of Dwadashi are favorable. But the next few days will be unfavorable for starting important tasks, as the Moon will not provide enough strength to support them; please take this into account. Also, today’s Tithis facilitate bringing balance to your affairs, so think about what needs to be adjusted. As the Moon enters Ashlesha, which is at 5:30 PM, be cautious. It’s also known as the “embrace of the snake.” It’s better not to plan evening trips.

Have a great day, everyone!

Aoum. Tat. Sat.

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