Panchanga (horoscope for today) 08/20/2023

  1. Yoga Sadhya until 19:27. Next is Shubha.
  2. Varana (Vara) Ravivara. Sunday.
  3. Nakshatra Hasta.
  4. Tithi Shukla Chaturthi until 19:49 (4 days of the growing moon). Next is Shukla Panchami.
  5. Karana Vanija until 08:53. Vishti until 21:52. Next Bava.

Today Panchanga has developed in such a way that Visha Yoga has been formed. It translates as poison, grief. From 08:53 Vishti Karana begins, which is also known for its poisons. So it’s worth thinking about what you plan to say to someone today. For poisons are not always what poisons the body, they can also poison the soul. It is best to spend the day in nature. You can also clean up your house. Nothing cardinally terrible day does not bring, just be more restrained and tolerant. “Empty hands” until 19:49, so no serious material matters. Good Sunday everyone.

Aoum. Tat. Sat.

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