Panchanga (daily horoscope) 07/17/2023

  1. Yoga Vyatipata until 6 am. Next is Harshana.
  2. Varana (Vara) Somavara. Monday.
  3. Nakshatra Punarvasu.
  4. Tithi Amavasya (15th day of the waning moon) until the evening. Next is Shukla Pratipada.
  5. Karana Chatushpada up to 8, then Nagava. After 21 Kinstughna.

Do not forget that on Monday you should not start things aimed at duration, as decisions made on this day can change over time and become irrelevant. It is recommended to engage in cases that should lead to quick consequences. Some short, temporary, insignificant, fleeting things will give a good result. Not entirely positive actions aimed at preserving the family will also bring success. But avoid envy and malice, these are not your friends today.

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