About us

We are a team of like-minded people who have come together to use their knowledge in Jyotish Astrology and multiply their experience for the benefit of humanity. Everyone has more than one year of successful, fruitful consulting in the field of astrology behind them. Constantly discussing various moments from our practice, we did not notice how we became closer and kindred in spirit.

We have something to say to those who want to find their purpose. After all, the entire Eastern philosophy literally consists of: “Who am I? Why did you come? What to do?”. Every person is born with a ready-made mission for this incarnation. It is important to realize this as early as possible and start moving in harmony with the world. We can help you. According to the personal data of a person’s birth, his natal chart is built, very carefully analyzed, and as a result, an astrologer can answer any question you are interested in. Vedic Astrology Jyotish will help you find harmony and satisfaction in your life, and we will simply translate the information encoded in the birth chart into an accessible language and help implement all this in your everyday life, for Achieving Soul Development An experienced astrologer knows more about the client than he does himself.